Come into accordance with yourself- with all your senses and the actual meaning - the life


In our full-body oil massages operate two creative approaches.
Mindfulness and bodywork. The touch of the therapist follows the intuition. This deep relaxation can experience pattern and old concepts that have manifested as energy blockages in the body, are considered new and altered emotional.



A classis massage among the ayurvedic massages

A vigorour full-body-massage. Through the intensive movements engergy and lymphativ flow will be stimulated. Skind and body will be tightend up. A deep well-being goes through body and mind.

60 min/ 81,- 


Arkaya Deepa

Harmonizing full-body-massage
The movements will be done in a changing way- caudal and kranial. Tenseness in your body will be gone- circulation will be stimulated.

60 min/ 81,- 




Leg and foot massage

Depending on the symptoms, the Marma points (vital points) of leg and foot will be massaged. This leads to a positive stimulation of the internal organs.

40 min | 49, -



Full body scrub

Vigorous massage from a blend of herbal powders and oil. A strongly stimulates the metabolism serves as detoxifying massage - with a fresh effect to your skin.

60 min | 82, -



Energizing back massage

The engergy in us, which is often blocked, will be stimulated through this special back massage.

45 min | 72, - 



Herbal bag massage

A full body massage with ayurvedic herbs filled in sacs

The whole body is tapped with the heated oil in bags superiorly, massaged and streaked. Metabolism - and lymph are activated. Pain Relieves rheumatic complaints.

75 min | 102 -



Silk glove massage

Metabolic Stimulating dry massage. Used for skin and tightening effects. The skin is easily peeled and feels silky smooth after the treatment.

45 min | 66, - 



Relaxation massage

Full body massage with gentle massage strokes

runs inferiorly - which leads to a deep relaxation. 

45 min | 69, -   60 min | 81, - 



Energy massage

Full body massage with flowing massage strokes

is performed on the meridians along superiorly - energizing effect.

45 min | 69, -   60 min | 81, - 




Candle Light Massage

High-quality, natural wax

melts to a delicately scented massage oil and leads to very special feel-good moments. The ingredients of the wax  nourish the skin.

60 min | 82, - 


Honey Massage

Purifying and detoxifying massage

By naturally made honey accumulated toxins are drawn out of the pores and stimulates circulation.

Welcome your soft skin!

60 min | 82, - 


Moor wrap

Partial body massage with peat pack

Relieves rheumatism, and back tension.

45 min | 69, -    60 min | 82, - 



Gentle full body oil massage
Head face and abdomen are massaged intensively. The gentle strikeouts are performed inferiorly. A deep relaxation spreads throughout the body.
60 min | 81, -



Head face and décolleté massage

Marma points on the face and head area are stimulated with special massage techniques - which lead to a strong calming effect of the nervous system and the features can be soft and relaxed.

30 min | 47, -


Thalodal & Mardana

Pressure or Sports Massage

Full body massage with powerful running superiorly massage techniques. Used for regeneration and tissue engineering.

60 min | 81, -




Royal Oil Shirodhara

The Shirodhara is used as a classic therapy for migraine, insomnia, tinnitus and burnout syndrome.

60 min | 91, - 



Jambira Pinda Sveda

Anti Cellulite Treatment

Handmade hot lemon and coconut-filled bag will be be used to massage the body. Visible improvement of skin appearance.

60 min | 83, -



Honey Salt Peeling

A mixture of honey and salt

is applied to the whole body and massaged. This massage has a purifying and immunogenicity - and a peeling effect. – Result is a soft skin.

45 min | 69, -   75 min | 102, - 


Hot Stone Massage

Oil massage with hot lava stones

The hot lava stones are placed on the body - through the long-lasting warmth of the stones tension in the back shoulder and neck area are solved.

A massage with warm stones follows this treatment.

45 min | 69, -   60 min | 82, -


Lomi Lomi

The popular massage from Hawaii dissolves the blockages on a physical and spiritual level and establishes harmony between body and mind.

75 min | 102 -


Aroma Oil Massage

With a high quality aromatic oil by your choice,

the body is going to be gently massaged.The oils refresh the skin - the limbic system is accessed through the smell of the oil, resulting in a physical and mental well-being.

30 min | 47 -   60 min | 81, - 


Hot Chocolate Massage

Warm chocolate mass is gently massaged into the body.

The smell of chocolate causes a comforting feeling. The cocoa butter makes the skin soft. A very special and unforgettable experience.

60 min | 85, - 


Basic Back massage

Tensions in the neck area are going to be relaxed.
30 min | 47,-





Constitution Provision

with diet tips and recommendations for behavior.

30 min | 25,-